Some End of Year Reflections

As 2021 comes to a close, I have been reflecting quite a bit on how consistently burnt out I’ve been this whole year. I think a lot of people can relate when I say I’ve come to some hard realisations regarding just how thin I have continued to spread myself. It is easier than one might suspect to ignore the warning signs and keep pushing past one’s breaking point.

To be frank, there’s a helluvalotta bull-fucking-shit going around and the gift of it has been learning what to turn away from and when, what boundaries to set and why, and what actually deserves focus and attention.

In preparation for a new calendar year, I am making efforts to be kinder and more compassionate to myself. I have simplified my site in removing my Yoga and Tarot pages. I am still teaching, still doing readings, but I don’t need the clutter, unnecessary responsibility, and constant reminder of social incongruence that those pages became for me.

I am highly dissatisfied with my current web host and will be transferring my domain to a new service when my current plan expires in January. That being said, most of the changes I’ve made to my site have been a means of tidying my own headspace so I can be mentally and creatively focused enough to manifest the changes I wish to see in my life. I just have to be real with myself about who and where I am right now.

I need to pull back. My primary efforts are now being dedicated to my art. Art has been that one safe space for me my whole life. It is as natural to me as breathing, yet life (until recently) has demanded I sacrifice myself time and time again for others.

Thank my fucking stars that’s not the case anymore.

In ways I won’t get into here, I have been liberated. Now it’s my turn. As Mikey says in The Goonies, “Down here, it’s our time. It’s our time down here.”

I’m closer than Chester Copperpot to One-Eyed Willy’s Rich Stuff and I’m not gonna let Troy or the Fratelli’s rob me of this great adventure. I gotta free that fucking pirate ship, because that’s what a ship isโ€”freedom. (Cookie for you, if you recognise that last reference. Hint: It’s not Goonies.)

I am captain of this vessel and I will fight for her as much as any great Starfleet captain.

I digress. It is easy for me to get distracted with my interior dialogue and wax poetically in self-motivational talk interspersed with pop culture metaphor. What was I saying?

Yes. Art. Art will take me to The Mountain.
And maybe Star Trek. Art and Star Trek.
Start Trek.

And so I will.

May you have Peace & Long Life.
Until we meet again.

You are cordially invited…

Dearest Reader,

We would like to congratulate you as an honourary citizen of the New and Glorious World of Love and Light, as projected from the Heart of Ada. As an honourary citizen, you lay claim to the many benefits thereof, such as eternal love unconditionally administered, telepathic pick-me-ups, psychic hugs, extraterrestrial contact, and increased potential for magical experiences.

Although you and the Creator that is called Ada may experience physical separation of great distance spanning over great lengths of time, said separation is merely an illusion. Should you require any amount of grace or uplifting of spirit, please turn within to your own heart and request such love be granted unto your being. Should it aid, invoke the name of Ada and you shall feel her presence.

Please remember that as an honourary citizen of the New and Glorious World of Love and Light, as projected from the Heart of Ada, you are a perfect being, beautiful in your infinite possibility and potential. As an honourary citizen, you have the incredible power to create the world as you desire, stemming from the warmest depths of your heart and expanding into the highest peaks of your imagination. You have been chosen for this power, for you are pure brilliance, pure creativity, pure love. You are old magickโ€”ancient as existence itselfโ€”and you are One with Ada.

Forever in Love,
Blessed in Light.


The Supreme Council of Ada’s Love
New and Glorious World of Love and Light, as projected by Ada

Post Script:
You can conquer any mountain.

Choose Your Destiny

Life has continued to be interesting, in that expect-the-unexpected kind of way. While there is, yet again, much in question and suspended in uncertainty, these challenges have been unexpectedly accompanied by a newfound determination and confidence to execute projects that have been in gestation for quite a long while. Although I have, in the past, struggled with the will to start and achieve goals of serious undertaking, my recent plans are methodically progressing.

There is trepidation. There is fear; I feel it. But I also feelโ€”just behind that fearโ€”a helluvuhlotta faith in myself and my abilities. I know I am capable and creative and skilled enough to navigate my own path. So, that’s it then. I find my own way through.

I’ve got faith of the heart
I’m goin’ where my heart will take me
I’ve got faith to believe
I can do anything


Keep on trekkin’.