Lunar Forecast Tarot for Scorpio New Moon

Sacred Scorpio New Moon, all. A new Lunar Forecast Tarot Reading has been posted to YouTube. 

Although technical difficulties delayed the upload of this video, it is now up and ready for viewing! I’ll be making an effort to keep the videos relatively short from here on out, so they’re easier to produce and digest.

We examine the current energies of November 2021’s Scorpio New Moon, what to expect, and the value of choice to sow good seeds in order to reap a bountiful harvest. Alchemical transmutation and the time to shed the old ways has come.

You can watch here, or click through to YouTube. After viewing, be sure to like, comment, and subscribe so as not to miss future updates.

And yes. Those are tribbles you hear. (That’s not the only Star Trek reference… The Emissary! Walk with the prophets, fellow Trekkies.)