Coming Home to Yoga Home

This past year of 2020 has certainly been a year of transformation, and for so many reasons, different as they may be, I think on that we can all agree. In watching so many businesses close up shop for good, it comes as no surprise that many yoga studios had their last huzzah this year. Here in Colorado Springs, Colorado, our beloved Pranava Yoga Center rolled up its mats for the last time December 31, 2020, and passed into the eternal vibration of its namesake.

While I have joked about #NotDeadJustShavasana, it’s true to say that nothing is ever lost, nothing is ever wasted. All that is, ever has been, or ever will be is simply energy in constant flux, infinite transformation. What is creation but the Intimate Dance of Life and Death? (Pfft. I do not digress! You shouldn’t fully know where I’m headed with this anyway, disembodied voice of a hypothetical reader! Leave off and let me meander to my point as I please.)

Ahem. Thus, the next incarnation of the Pranava Family’s home has birthed forth unto the world, launching today, January 1, 2021! (Yes, it’s all very exciting, so I hope you are cheering right now. If you’re not, well, you should be.)

Welcome hOMe

Calling all yogis and yogis-to-be!
Yoga Home is a home you really must see.
A home to feel safe, a home to make play,
A home full of people to brighten your day!
A home full of joy, a home full of laughs,
A home to come home to,
To say, β€œHome at last!”

So come strike a pose,
Breathe in through your noseβ€”
Feel it in you, how the Universe flows.
Honour your path as before you it’s shown,
Trusting each step and knowing you’ll know,
When you’ve travelled enough to call yourself Home.

Visit to get acquainted with our guides, view the schedule and class descriptions, sign up for your classes of choice, and access your classes’ live broadcast links.

I would be super jazzed for you to join me for Rise (Morning), every Saturday, 9a – 10a USMT, at Yoga Home! Treat yourself to a multi-pass (Multi. Pass.) and enjoy exploring the other amazing guides and their classes. (Seriously, I love every one of these incredible beings.)