My Story Begins

My story begins in the Void of Space…

Before I was something, I was nothing.

I was limitless—intangible. I was naught but pure energy. The ‘I’ that was nothing, that had yet to exist, had no form, no purpose, no means of expression, beyond potential itself. But then… a thought.

BANG! An explosion. I was becoming.

I was awareness. I was witness. I was creator and creation. I was everything and nothing, yet now I was existence. Now, I was capable of understanding through the exploration of forms. Now, I was both the formless and the form, fractaling unto infinity.

I existed, and thus sought to feel my limitless nature. I sought to experience my full self, to know my full self.

So I expanded.

I became worlds, star systems, galaxies. I became multi-dimensional tessellating universes. I became everything from the smallest particle to the largest formation. I even became all the space in-between… And I danced with myself, in love with myself, fascinated and enthralled in curiosity and wonder with myself. And I wanted more.

I kept going, diving deeper, never stopping. My creation became as insatiable as my destruction. My intelligence became as ravenous as my ignorance. The sea of consciousness I had become, ebbed and flowed atop an unconscious abyss. I had become the extremities of dualities. I had truly become the everything and nothing I knew myself to be. Thus, I had reached the End of All. I had reached the End of Me.

So I collapsed.

Drawing all that I was back into myself, I experienced all in reverse. The path leading back was the only way forward, and I knew now all its purpose.

The purpose was fun; my purpose was play, and I’ll continue this game, for I know no other way…

To experience myself, to know myself, to feel my limitless potential… 

I must create, I must destroy. I must explore being within, so I can truly understand what it means to be without.

What new worlds will I become? 

I am ready for more. 

Eternal Fun.