“It’s Snowing Love.”

Those lovely muses struck heart strings, as they are so wont to do, when I came across time-lapse footage of a droplet of water crystallising into a snowflake. It got me thinking how, with every snow, I still sit at the window in wide-eyed joy, simply watching the snow fall. As it mounds up against the outer sill, I zoom my focus in on individual flakes, their hexaspines creating a miniature frozen landscape, jagged and prismatic… and it’s true—each flake is unique in its patterning. Each is wholly unique and yet wholly the same, fluttering down to a brief, Earthly existence before melting back into oblivion.

Before all you Tyler Durdens out there start barking through megaphones that we are not beautiful and unique snowflakes, hit the pause button on that indulgent nihilism for a quick sec and let’s take a look at the hexagram. (Stay with me, this won’t be long, and we can both get back to skimming through #nihilist memes.)

The Hexagram is that six-pointed star most would recognise as the Star of David, but has a far wider use, history, and meaning than one might expect. In occult and esoteric traditions, the version of this six-pointed star known as Metatron’s Cube, is said to be a geometric container of all of life’s patterning. That is to say, this “cube” is considered a blueprint of creation itself.

The six-pointed star also has correspondences to the qualities of love, joy, exuberance, expansion, the union of the God and the Goddess, or the aspects of gender—of divine masculine and divine feminine—being balanced in harmony and functioning together as one. It is a symbol of the Heart Chakra, that critical gateway that must be open for consciousness to transcend beyond the physical, animalistic needs and desires. It represents that energy that, when masterfully cultivated and wilfully applied with understanding and compassion, propels the human species to greater evolutionary heights. In some schools of thought, the six-pointed star has become synonymous with the Purity of the Divine and Divine Love itself, or even thought to be the shape of a tangible vessel capable of transporting beings through time and space.

Oh, yeah, I gotcha! I’m pullin’ in the reigns on that one. One step further and I’d be in a whole other territory than I want to be for this. We’ll save that for some other time, shall we? Seriously, it’s a wild world One Step Beyond.

Yes, believe me when I say that preamble was necessary before getting to my point. It’s snowing here in the Springs today, and every time it snows, I delight in knowing each flake is a tiny little hexagram. Each flake is a tiny, six-pointed star, corresponding to the heart and the energy, the power, of love.

I delight in thinking of each flake as crystallized love, sifting like fine sugar from the heavens. I like to pause to consider all the reminders of love that snow upon and around me, much like snow itself. I like to consider, “It’s snowing love.”

I like to think about the qualities of winter and all the ice and snow of extreme cold—how the darkest, coldest, and harshest of days inspire us to not simply SEEK light and warmth, but to CREATE light and warmth for ourselves and others.

As I watch love gently fall from the sky, I muse in gratitude for the seasons of being that set the conditions for love to crystallize within each of us, helping us to better cultivate our innate ability to create light and warmth for all.

So, thanks for sticking with me, precious snowflakes. Taking joy in the little wonders of life is just one of those many things we can do to create that light and warmth. Together, we are a glimmering winter wonderland, so bright we are blinding. Keep the light, keep the warmth. Keep stoking that inner fire and expand forever unto infinity.

Close up photo of roaring flames.

May ye from hearth an’ home create forth life.