Think.Bytes: A Passing Thought on Fan-Fiction & Jesus Myths

A thought on fan-fiction and the archetype of Jesus (though this is but one name attributed to said archetype… another is Krishna, and yet another is Buddha, as additional examples).

Some scholars have argued that it is impossible to truly say what texts are canon (if any at all) and which were essentially ancient “fan-fiction.” It has been suggested that there may have indeed been a single short-story told orally (of a handful of oral stories with a familiar cast of archetypal characters), that captured the imagination of hundreds of storytellers, who then made their own contributions to what would later become known as Christian mythology (or Hindu, Buddhist, etc. mythology… whichever is most culturally relevant), in very much the same way as modern patterns and trends of fan-fiction.

Time turns all things sacred or blasphemous, relative to the seeker.

“We are the stories we tell ourselves,” and All is Story.

It is the stories we choose to devote our attention to that contribute to how we shape our perception and thereby how we experience the world and reality itself.

May your existence reflect the best of story.