Think.Bytes: A Passing Thought on the Symbol of the Cross

A thought on the symbol of the cross.

The cross is a derivative adaptation of symbols that have long predated Christianity and the proposed birth and death of Jesus of Nazareth. It is, in all incarnations, a symbolic representation of ever-lasting life and, astrologically, the sun (as in Sol, the star from which all Earth life is sustained).

Christianity is, essentially, a sun-worshipping faith. This has been quite easily contorted for storytelling purposes through the sun’s personification as the “son,” and even the “father,” whereas Luna, the moon, represents the divine feminine, in her cyclical and reflective nature (also intrinsically linked to the night and the primordial darkness preceding all creation; the womb).

The human mind comprehends through symbol and story. We require metaphor in order to begin grasping the un-graspable.

“All that is ephemeral is but a symbol,” and all is interconnected. There is nothing new. All is simply a reorganization of what has been, forever adapting as current currents require.

Understanding begins in symbol.