Everything is Going to Be Okay. This Too Shall Pass.

(Featured meme image is not my own. Original source creator unknown.)

“My favourite conspiracy theory is that everything is gonna be okay.”

“Okay” does not mean, “How you want things to be,” or “Life without suffering.” As humans, we are limited to the human experience, limited to human consciousness. This inevitably causes the experience of suffering, coming part-in-parcel to the fragility of human’s physical form and the limitation of human’s sensory experience. In Buddhism, the first of the Four Noble Truths is, “Life contains suffering.” That is a simple fact.

Regardless of how grateful we are (or not), how content we may be with our lives (or not), suffering exists. A stubbed toe. A belly growling in hunger. A simple headache. Worrying. Feeling too hot. Feeling too cold. Vicarious transference of emotion. The grieving of a loved one. The bittersweet parting of ways. I could go on… We cannot escape the fact of experiencing suffering.

But, just like all things, suffering is temporary. “This too shall pass.” All that we experience—joy, pain, love, laughter, peace, discontent, and so on into infinity—it is all fleeting, transient, just as we are ourselves.

And that’s okay. That’s how life is. That’s what makes life, each and every experience, each and every moment or sensation—each and every one of us—so precious. Nothing will exist in the configuration it has in the past; nor will its future existence be the same as how it exists in the present. All is in flux, all is ever-changing.

And that’s okay. Change is the only constant. Change is the nature of life itself. And life… is beautiful.

And so are you.

Live Long and Prospurr.