Intui-Card Tarot Reading


A 3 to 10 card in-depth reading, most suitable for complex queries.

When I drew what called,
It called back into me.
To see beyond dreams,
Is a far sight to see.

Let the groove ride.

Tapping into the flow state of a creek, we see how our seemingly small contributions are critical to the greater whole. Tapping into the flow state of a river, though… that’s enough power to sustain forests and jungles, transport trade, and birth civilizations, all while covering a wide area in great depth. Be they still waters or rapids ahead, you have what it takes to thrive.

You keep tempting me
with yer secrets, yer visions;
thirty-three be my choice, to dig my soul deep in.

I’ll try these deep tricks,
you mad magick witch,
and thank you, in honour,
for yer blessings and bliss.


Our life paths are not always clear, nor the terrain always easy. Sometimes digging deep into otherworldly guidance can help in facing those challenges.

Intui-Card readings examine multiple aspects of a query to produce the most in-depth & intuitively tailored counsel. Those burdens of heart and mind need not weigh so heavily, and the cards can be that voice of reason to provide guidance, comfort, closure, or all and more.

With your purchase you will receive:

  • a video of your reading, stored permanently at a private YouTube link that only you can access
  • a keepsake PDF of your reading’s details

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