Tri-Card Tarot Reading


A three-card draw, most suitable for queries of general or broad concern.

When I drew three,
I looked into thee.
Looking into thee,
I discover thee is me.

Wisdom to sing in three-part harmony.

They say two heads are better than one, yet a single third-eye grants sight beyond sight. So, if you feel like a two-headed ogre arguing with yourself and could use some of that third-eye clarity, I gotcha, bae. Even ogres can be wise wizards.

Twelve dollars you say
to read night from day
and tell me what was, is, and will be again.

You can’t be that good!
Witch, show me yer tricks,
and magick these cares
of mine away.


Being of two minds or seeking insight into one’s past-present-future are just two examples fit for this familiar & flexible spread. The harmony of three!

Tri-Card readings have the virtue of practicality & adaptability, in that they are appropriate for a wide variety of queries.Β In drawing three cards, you can weigh pros and cons, help navigate a difficult decision, or simply muse over some potential prospects as you open yourself up to whatever wisdom you’re ready to receive.

With your purchase you will receive:

  • a video of your reading, stored permanently at a private YouTube link that only you can access
  • a keepsake PDF of your reading’s details

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