Uni-Card Tarot Reading


A single-card draw, most suitable for quick wisdom & inspiring guidance.

When I drew the one,
I knew it was the one.
When I knew the one,
I drew ever closer to the one.

Sometimes one really is all you need.

Maybe it’s just a little tap, a little push to get your attention. Maybe it echoes that tiny voice in the back of your head you’ve been trying to ignore. Or maybe it could even be that “Ah ha!” moment that helps you connect A to B, and finally produce C.

One can be the loving embrace we crave
or the punch to jolt us present,
and much therein between.

Six bucks ain’t bad,
for a quick magick trick;
tell me, witch, what fer me,
as yet being writ?


Looking to scope the vibe of potential prospects or reach for a reminder that you’re on the right track? One’s all you need, baby.

The Uni-Card Reading is potently focused to discern the clearest, most prominent quality relevant to a query. In drawing a single card, you can garner that quick bit of wisdom or inspiration to nudge you forward, pop that “Ah ha!” moment, or serve as a gentle reminder to set your mind at ease.

With your purchase you will receive:

  • a video of your reading, stored permanently at a private YouTube link that only you can access
  • a keepsake PDF of your reading’s details

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