Thoughts After Watching Video: “Surprise! You’re Autistic!”

This might not be in direct response to my watching the following video posted by Aspergers from the Inside earlier this year, “Surprise! You’re Autistic! Learning about Autism in adulthood with Diane J. Wright from,” but it’s where my mind went. Figured I would share.

We will come to find neurodivergence is not at all what everyone has thought it to be. Until then, contemporary jargon is quite helpful in communicating differences in perception.

Taking into consideration the multi-layered inter-dimensionality of existence and, particularly, the human experience, truth and understanding manifests in different forms, to be in appropriate context with a given dimension or facet of being.

Crazy as it may sound, some of us have had experiences that leave us considering ourselves as literal aliens and Star People, Fair Folk, or some other variety of humanoid besides specifically human. It’s not just a matter of feeling alienated from society and the human population at large… Often such thoughts come about from how we experience our individual gifts. (I think both neurotypical and neuroatypical people can understand this to a degree, or have, at one point or another, experienced this for themselves.)

And while many professionals and neurotypically wired individuals will laugh and discredit such as mental illness or childish coping mechanisms, those of us who feel this way don’t need anyone’s approval or validation. We know what we know and we don’t need to prove ourselves to anyone.

Even within the Autistic community, people are judged harshly and told they are wrong for thinking a certain way about themselves and their own life experience, perceptions, and mental and sensory downloads.

The ever-evolving language of neurodivergent studies can be a powerful tool in helping to bridge the gaps of misunderstanding, in that it stays grounded in diversely acceptable dimensions, thus having the capability of bringing awareness and appreciation to the vast diversity of life and experience in this realm and beyond.

It is preparing us for the Infinite Diversity, Infinite Combinations (IDIC) of the cosmos, because, well… it‘s about damn time.

In short, you may not feel you are of this world, but choosing to be in this world will help make this world better.

That’s what I’ve gotta tell myself, anyway.