Lunar Forecast Tarot for Taurus Full Moon & Eclipse

A new Lunar Forecast Tarot Reading has been posted to YouTube. 

Yes, I do realise this video is being posted days after the full moon and eclipse already occurred and, with the vaporous change of time and culture, most people have moved on to looking at whatever the next big thing is. Normal! Expected!

But you know… I gotta say I’m proud of myself for getting it out at all. To anyone else out there who experiences psychosis and burnout almost regularly due to one or more mental conditions, you are not alone. Don’t stress yourself out more trying to fit into someone else’s idea of time and schedule. Take the time you need for yourself and come back when you feel ready. You are worth far, far more than schedule adherence. You, your health, and well-being deserve top priority.

I love you.

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Fortunes Forecast, Lucky Charms: Hard Truths make the call… SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!

A new Fortunes Forecast, Lucky Charms is available for your listening pleasure now on YouTube.

This week’s charms:

  • Pile 1: Medicine Wheel, Bell Charmlet, Raw Wood
  • Pile 2: Turtle Figurine, Abalone Sea Shells
  • Pile 3: Rococo Box, Pearls, Pyrite, Amethyst

This week’s readings deliver some hard truths, albeit gracefully, as we’re continually nudged toward taking responsibility for the power we are.

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