Yoga Classes

The yoga classes offered here welcome all levels. They are hosted virtually via Zoom. Meaning, you can join from anywhere in the world and practise from the comfort and privacy of your own space.

Line drawing illustration of lion-headed female, seated in Sukhasana, hands in Birkat Kohanim mudra, right over heart, left over belly.

Yoga, or ‘union’, includes a wide variety of techniques. As yogic practises continue to adapt to our ever-changing world, traditions dating to the earliest civilizations are still honoured, albeit in newly relevant ways. Through conscious practise and diligence in exercising breath, body, and mind, yoga aims to balance and unify mind, body, and spirit to cultivate holistic well-being.

For Free Yoga Classes, view the class schedule to determine your classes and submit the form below.

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Line drawing illustration of lion-headed female, seated in Ankhasana, hands in Birkat Kohanim mudra.

Winter 2021 Schedule


*All yoga classes subject to cancellation or change. If cancelled, advance notice will be posted below and emailed to students. When schedule changes, website will be updated and students will be notified.

Starshine Arise 
Every Tuesday, 6a - 7a USMT 
Greet the Sun 
Awaken the Body 
Stoke the Inner Fire 
Steady Focus the Mind 
Imbue with Daily Intent 
Amplify Personal Power

Starshine Arise
Every Tuesday, 6a – 7a USMT

Greet the Sun as you awaken the body, stoke the inner fire, and bring focus of mind to your morning routine with this activating yet grounding asana practise. Prepare for each day with mindful intent and watch your power amplify!

Sol Reflection
Every Wednesday, 6p - 7p USMT
Ease into Sanctified Night
Meditative Movement
Closing Meditation
Reflect & Release
Soothe the Self
Rest Well

Sol Reflection
Every Wednesday, 6p – 7p USMT

Ease into Evening and sanctify your nightly ritual with this slow, meditative asana and closing meditation, designed to help reflect upon, alchemize, and release the energies of the day. Rest well in soothing mind, body, and spirit.

  • Wednesday, February 3rd – Sol Reflection
  • Wednesday, February 10th – Sol Reflection

Looking for Yoga Home?

Ada teaches paid yoga classes at her local Colorado Springs studio, Yoga Home. All yoga classes for Yoga Home are currently online only. If you are interested in attending Yoga Home classes with Ada or the other Yoga Home guides, visit for more information.

Register for Ada’s Rise (Morning) class, every Saturday from 9a – 10a USMT.*

*Yoga Home is a separate entity from Ada’thrine. Please note Yoga Home will have its own sign-up and registration process and requirements. Following the above links will open a new browser tab or window.

Student Form

The information you provide below remains strictly confidential and is used only in relation to business contact requirements and your needs and desires as a student.

If for any reason you are not comfortable providing the required information below, please submit a contact form instead and I will contact you directly.

NOTE: If you are located elsewhere from the United States, please submit a contact form instead to request registration assistance.

*If registering for Private Yoga, documentation providing more information will be emailed to the email address provided above. You will also be contacted to schedule a free consultation session to meet one another and further discuss private session pricing, your personal session plan, goals and expectations, health concerns, etc.

*You will receive class links via email no earlier than an hour prior to each session’s start time. If you wish to receive class links at any time for classes not selected at sign-up, contact Ada directly or submit a contact form.

The following five questions will help give me an idea of where you are at in relation to yoga, so I may better cater to you as a student.

To provide the best instruction and guidance possible and to reduce the risk of injury while minimizing contraindications and keeping you safe, please answer the following health-related questions to the best of your ability.

Please read the following carefully and check “I Agree” when you are ready to proceed:

Liability Waiver
I hereby claim that I am in good health and I am fully capable of participating in physical activity such as Yoga. I understand that there is always a risk of injury when participating in physical exercise. By checking the box, I accept all responsibility and liability for injury while participating in classes hosted by Ada Katherine. I will not hold Ada Katherine legally responsible or liable for any injury I may incur.

In the event that I am pregnant, I will not attend a Yoga class until I have discussed the risks with my obstetrician. I will follow my doctor’s recommendation and will not hold Ada Katherine responsible for any injuries to myself or my fetus caused in part on in whole by my failure to follow my doctor’s recommendation.

If I am under 18 years of age, I have disclosed that information to Ada Katherine and my parent and/or guardian has signed and dated this waiver of liability.